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Bad Effects of Masturbation: 15 Things You Need To Know

painful problem of pleasuring yourself

Everyone masturbates, but nobody talks about it.

You do it in your head, you do it physically, you do it to your partners, and it is not something to be ashamed of.

It is a normal part of life.

But like too much of anything else, too much masturbation also has its downsides.

You can masturbate once or twice in a week.

However, if you’re doing it way too often than a normal person should, you might be in for some dilemma that can affect your life entirely.

Here are 15 problems that you might encounter if you masturbate too much:

1. You Could Die Early

You Could Die Early

You’re probably thinking: Yeah, right.

How in the world can masturbation kill you?

Well, believe it or not, it could.

Not the immediate-death kind.

It is more of a killing-yourself-slowly kind of death.

In recent studies, it showed that men who masturbate less relatively live longer than men who masturbate often.

While that does not prove anything, further studies showed that men who masturbate a lot are proven to have a shorter life span.

To further support the claim, studies in fishes also show that fishes who ejaculate more have relatively shorten life span.

So, take it easy, and give your hand a break.

2. You Are Using Up Your Energy

You Are Using Up Your Energy

It’s a fact that you obviously know about.

When you masturbate, you use up your energy.

No matter how fit, strong and well oiled-up you may be in terms of extreme activities, or the fact that you don’t get tired easily, ejaculation is a totally different thing.

It wears your body out.

The more you ejaculate, the more tired you become.

When you grow tired, it gives you lesser options of activities that you can do.

You would rather just lie down and bum around when you could actually do something more productive.

3. You Are Killing Your Chances To Meet A Woman

A Woman

First, you tire yourself out.

Then, you opt to stay at home and not go out with friends to “mingle.”

That’s one thing that could happen which kills your chances in meeting the right girl for you.

Another effect of too much masturbation is the lack of interest in mingling with women because – why would you?

You already ejaculated, so you may think you won’t need a woman to do it for you anymore.

4. You Lose The “Special” Touch Of Sex

you program your brain

Let’s be honest.

Sex may be pleasurable all throughout, but nothing beats reaching the edge and having a full-blown, massive, earth-shattering orgasm.

That is why you masturbate, too.

You want to give yourself the gift of pleasure.

When you masturbate, you program your brain that the main goal is orgasm.

That is why when you have sex, you lose the special touch of the action because your only goal is to reach the brink and give yourself a shudder.

Say goodbye to foreplay and a long, sweet and hot lovemaking.

5. You Are Toying With Your Emotions

Your Emotions

As much as you do not want to admit it, or you probably don’t already know it yet, when you masturbate, you are toying with your emotions.

Put it this way: the whole thing is supposed to be done with a partner.

When you do it alone, what are you implying to yourself?

That’s simply how you look at it.

You may not be the deep and self-pitying type but you have to agree, it’s a little lonely to pleasure yourself alone.

That’s why it’s so embarrassing when you get caught.

6. You May Lose Your Appetite For Sex


Here’s the thing…

If you think that masturbating often will make you hot and ready at any time, because you know you can last longer and give yourself and your partner amazing and earth-shattering sex, you are wrong.

That sort of thing only happens in porn films which, by the way, is scripted and has a lot of edited scenes.

Your mentality could quite possibly lead to the fact that you already ejaculated and you’re tired, so you pass up on an opportunity to make love.

7. You Think About Sex Far Less

You Think About Sex Far Less

Yes, you read it right.

This is because, once again, you are already too tired to think about doing anything more than just lie down and bum around for the rest of the day.

Think about it.

If you masturbate twice or three times a day, that would definitely tire you out.

That would mean you’d be too tired to think about doing the actual deed with your partner.

If it forms into a habit, then you can be sure you would be thinking about sex less and less.

8. You May Have A Hard Time Ejaculating

not good

Ever notice that the second or third time around, the ejaculation may take a little longer than when you did it the first time?

It’s a normal thing to happen.

But then again, if it happens often – like if you masturbate two or three times a day – the ejaculation may take longer and longer until you reach the point when ejaculation, which is supposed to be an easy and pleasurable thing, becomes a big challenge for you – not good.

9. You Could Literally Go Nuts

You Could Literally Go Nuts

This has more to do with the testosterone levels in your brain.

If you masturbate often, the testosterone in your brain could overload or could be at an abnormal pace that it literally affects how you think and your overall psychological being.

It could lead to abnormal sleeping patterns, unusual thoughts and yes, it could even drive you nuts.

10. You Could Lose Your Social Skills

time you spend alone

Studies have shown that those who choose to masturbate often and stay in solitude for the most part have low self esteem and social skills.

They choose to be alone and because it could get lonesome, they find ways to “entertain” themselves.

The problem is, isolation can make you feel awkward in social situations.

The more time you spend alone, the harder it is to get out and be with others.

This is unhealthy and destructive for your social life.

11. You Could Get Addicted

psychological condition

Masturbation addiction is a real psychological condition.

The worst cases are required to seek help.

Like any other types of addiction, it starts with losing your self control and indulging every chance you get.

If you masturbate often, it could lead to an addiction.

12. You Could Lose Your Hair

You Could Lose Your Hair

Recent studies show that men who masturbate often lose their hair faster than those who masturbate less.

Although there is no scientific proof that both cases are correlated, you can only take your chances.

Would you really want to go bald at a young age?

13. You Might Have Groin Or Testicular Pain

Groin Or Testicular Pain

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “used up.”

Well, it’s basically the same thing here. It’s like when you exercise too much, your muscles get sore.

When you walk around a lot, your feet get sore.

It’s the same when you masturbate too much, you could experience groin or testicular pain.

14. You Could Get A Swollen Penis

emergency room

If there’s anything more painful than testicular pain, it’s pain in your penis.

For a guy, your penis is your core – figuratively.

If it’s in pain, your whole body feels it, and you grow weak.

It literally affects everything in your body.

Too much masturbation can and will lead to a swollen penis.

A swollen penis is not just painful, to put it lightly.

Worse, you could end up in an emergency room with a whole bunch of medical people examining your tool.

15. You Are Putting Your Reproductive Health In Jeopardy


The whole thing boils down to the possibility that you could affect your sperm production and the natural functions of your penis, as well as your reproductive system.

While it may be fun now, what will happen in the future if you don’t have the ability to reproduce anymore?

Masturbation is a normal thing.

Everyone does it.

Everyone is aware of what it is and how it’s done.

If you do it, that only makes you human.

But, there are certain boundaries in doing the things that we do.

Even if these things may seem harmless and may seem like a good idea at first can be a big problem when we take it to the extreme.

Masturbation may be good.

But like your favorite hamburger and fries, too much is not good for your body.

So, lie low on the hand jobs and find something else to use your energy for.

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