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18 Foods That Helps Men To Increase Their Sperm Count

Your swimmers are truly remarkable.

You may think inability to bring new life into this world is primarily a woman’s issue.

That’s a mistake – life is the result of man and woman coming together.

Very often the issue in question is inside you.

More specifically, it may your swimmers – both quality and quantity.

If that’s the issue, you need to step up.

This article helps you learn how you might help your swimmers.

If you are embarrassed to talk to anyone about this problem, don’t worry.

You have found a partner to confide in.

Your doctor should be able to help you as well.

He understands the human body, after all, and knows your medical history.

So get him on board and commit to some changes.

Think of this as boot camp for those little guys inside you.

Don’t forget too that your lifestyle plays a huge role in the state of your swimmers.

Some foods are great for these little guys essential for new life.

So pull up a chair and take notes – we’re going to talk about good habits that may help your swimmers.

1. Seeing Red: Why This Color is Always Sexual

red fruits

Include red items in your diet, like tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and cherries.

Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic has released a report which stated that the lycopene found in these food items help to increase sperm mobility, enhances sperm health and also makes the sperm count better.

2. Add Spice to Your Meals by Using Garlic

add garlic to your meals

Garlic is the magical spice and a natural aphrodisiac, which contains selenium, antioxidants, which are essential for sperm mobility, and allicin, a compound that may accelerate blood flow in the genitals of a man.

Consider adding two to three garlic cloves in your daily meals for an increased sex drive and sperm count.

3. Try Goji Berries


In a Chinese study conducted on 42 men, 50 percent of them showed a higher sperm count after consuming one to two ounces of Goji berries regularly.

Also known as wolfberries, you can eat them raw, cooked or dried.

4. Oysters: The Super Sexual Food

oysters sex food

If you are looking for the effective answer on how to help your swimmers, try eating oysters.

Besides being widely known as aphrodisiac, the zinc found in oysters can work wonders for you overall sexual vitality and may encourage more swimmers for your efforts.

Beginners should eat 10 to 12 oysters per week.

5. Good News: Dark Chocolate May Help, Too

Dark Chocolate sex food

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which is a sperm accelerator.

Men who consume dark chocolates have reported experiencing intense orgasms, too.

You can eat two to three squares of chocolate every night after dinner, but do not consume too much of it.

6. Bananas: They Love Your Penis

bananas sex food

This fruit not only resembles your penis, but helps to make it better too.

It contains a unique enzyme called Bromeliad that balances sex hormones.

It also contains minerals like magnesium, vitamin B1 and vitamin C.

Eat one to three bananas a week to help your swimmers.

7. Asparagus: The Effective Food for Your Sexual Wellness

Asparagus good for sexual wellness

This vegetable which is rich in vitamin C helps to prevent oxidization of your sperm cells, protects testes’ cells and inhibits free radical damage.

They are also rich in folic acid.

Include this in your suppers frequently to help your swimmers.

8. Eat More Nuts, Especially Walnuts

walnut good for sex

The shape of your sperm and its mobility may also show a lot of improvement.

One reason is that the nuts contain high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have the ability to help the little dudes.

Peanuts contain zinc that helps to do the same.

Consuming just a handful of walnuts regularly may go a long way in doing your part.

9. Pumpkin Seeds Might Improve Your Sexual Health

pumpkin seeds

High in zinc, pumpkin seeds may help to increase testosterone levels and aid in building up sperm.

They are also rich in vitamins and other minerals that are good for your overall health.

Select organic pumpkin seeds and eat them raw.

10. No Soy for You

no soy intake for sex

Soy intake can be harmful for a man’s sexual health.

Men consuming soy products have reported to have lesser sperm counts than those who refrain from consumption of soy.

11. Cook Up Some Eggs

eggs for sex

Eggs may increase sperm count and also help in the improvement of sperm mobility.

This is because eggs are rich in vitamin E and contain high amounts of protein, which appears to keep swimmers healthy and plentiful

12. Spinach: This Provides Sexual Health Goodness, Too

spinach good for sex

This leafy vegetable is rich in folic acid and is an unlimited source of vitamins.

This green vegetable might also prevents formation of deformed sperms and could theoretically help to boost sperm count.

13. Pomegranates: The Powerhouse of Energy

pomegranates sex food

This red and tasty fruit may go a long way to keeping your swimmers in good shape.

It is rich in antioxidants that attack free radicals in the bloodstream.

14. Try Broccoli


This green vegetable is rich in folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, that is not only great for women, but is also recognized as crucial in improving men’s efforts ‘downstairs’.

Seriously. broccoli is powerful stuff, and your swimmers may thank you.

15. Carrots Might Increase Sperm Motility


Vitamin A is a vital nutrient for improving sperm production and increasing their motility.

Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A.

You can also consume vitamin A by adding foods such as red bell peppers, oatmeal and dried apricots.

16. Ginseng: The Powerful Food that May Help Men Downstairs


Ginseng may help your sex drive and sexual performance.

It’s commonly used to help men in the bedroom, be it for stamina and better orgasms.

Try ginseng for a spark in the bedroom.

17. Maca Might Supercharge Your Testicles

Maca herb

This herb may help your little guys with quantity and their ability to move around.

Additionally, maca might have a positive effect on the sex drive and arousal.

18. Your Body’s Basic Necessity: Water

VigRX Plus Supplement

Make sure you always stay hydrated.

Dehydration can really zap your swimmers.

Aim for at least eight glasses of water and in case you are working out, level up your water intake, too.

Consider these foods for your diet.

You may see a noticeable change in the bedroom, and who knows where things could lead from there?

Also, consider that VigRX Plus is clinically proven to help both sexual interest and enjoyment.

You may find you’ll have a long more sex with it!

Lifestyle Tips: What Else Can You Try?

lifestyle tips

Your diet goes a long way, but so do your habits.

Think about these changes you might make that could possibly aid your efforts to help your swimmers:

Avoid Heating Up Your Testicles

don't cover up testicles

Unlike the internal organs in your body, your testicles need to stay cooler.

Prevent yourself from wearing jeans or trousers that are too tight.

Instead of wearing briefs, opt for cotton boxer shorts.

Remove your underwear before sleeping.

Also, avoid going to saunas and taking hot baths.

Be Careful If You’re a Sportsperson

sports person basketball

A ball that targets your testicles could cause so much damage and pain that it could literally smash your sperm.

To avoid this, wear a jockstrap while playing.

Bicycle seats and shorts have also been shown to reduce sperm count, so be sure to choose one that is comfortable and avoid long bike rides for now.

Try an Oil Massage

oil massage

Massaging your body with herbal oils can help to improve blood circulation.

This, in turn, results in healthier sperm production.

Try Not to be So Anxious

no stress relax

Increased stress levels can cause disruptions in sexual functions, which also affect sperm counts badly.

Also, if you are a workaholic and don’t give your body the sufficient rest that it requires, there can be problems in your sperm generation.

Therefore, you should practice meditation, or yoga to calm your senses and relax.

Also, make certain you get sufficient sleep every night.

Stop Being a Smoker

no smoking

A study has revealed that smokers have 22 percent lower sperm count than non-smokers.

Excessive smoking causes low mobility of sperms and also results in lower sperm production.

Not just cigarettes, if you are also into smoking marijuana, quit that too.

It has similar effects on the sperm.

Watch the Alcohol

no alcohol

Not only does alcohol attack the liver, but experts have found that it hampers the estrogen level of men, too.

The testosterones directly affect the sperm production and mobility, so it’s better to avoid heavy drinking.

Experts suggest drinking moderately and occasionally.

Have lots of sex

do more sex

Here’s some good news.

You do not have to save up your sperm for your lady when she plans to have a child.

Don’t stop yourself from letting your love overflow, not even for a day.

Enjoy the whole love-making act.

Regular sex may help to improve the health of your sperm and your sperm count.

Go Slow on the Masturbation

less masturbation

Frequent ejaculation may result in a lower sperm count.

Be wary of being a porn addict too.

Get help if you are one.

Turn off the Idiot Box

turn off TV box

As strange as this may sound, some studies have established that men who watched television for more than 20 hours per week have a lower sperm count than those who don’t.

Your Smartphone May Not be so Smart

keep smartphone away

We’re aware that cell phones emit radiation, and keeping them in pockets that are right next to your testicles may not be a safe idea.

It could result in a lower sperm count.

Keep your phones in an armband instead.

Take cooler showers

take cooler showers

Cold showers can work wonders for your body.

They reduce stress, increase testosterone levels, help you to sleep soundly at night and may help your swimmers.

General Tips

 eat healthy

Eat healthy to help the little dudes designed to being new life into this world.

We have discussed healthy foods in the first part of the article. That means:

  • Eat Healthy: Include items in your diet that are rich in proteins.

    Have more vegetables and also consume whole grains that are not only good for your health but also might help your swimmers.

    Avoid eating food that contains a lot of fat.

  • Look for Sperm-Friendly Foods: Consume a substantial amount of fish, meat, vegetables and fruits regularly and please avoid soy-foods.

    Pumpkin seeds, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, may also help your quantity.

  • Cut Down on Caffeine: Though one cup a day won’t do much harm, an excessive consumption of caffeine, like three to four cups of coffee may not be so good for those little guys you want on your side.

  • Limit Your Soda Intake: Some case studies have revealed that men who consume too many fizzy drinks have a lower sperm count than men who abstain from drinking sodas.

Toxins and Chemicals: Be Aware of Your Environment

There are many toxins in the environment, such as:

  • Toxins can affect the health of your sperm and your overall body too.

    Exposure to chemicals can result in lesser mobility of sperms and can affect its size and health too.

  • Avoid using herbicides or pesticides in your homes.

  • Use natural cleaning agents, instead of the ones that include harmful chemicals.

  • If your job demands working around chemicals, shield yourself adequately by wearing masks, long sleeves, gloves and goggles to cover up any exposed skin.

What About Exercise?

  • Move More on a Regular Basis: Your hectic schedule may prevent you from exercising, but no one can deny the benefits it has on your body, and on your sperm wellness, too.

    Therefore, it’s necessary to sketch up a plan to exercise on a regular basis.

    This is a potent way on how to increase sperm count at home, but we do not suggest excessive exercising in any way.

  • Do More Kegel Exercises: They would strengthen your PC muscles and help to shoot out your sperm.

  • Don’t Cycle a Lot: Excessive cycling may damage your testicles that could theoretically result in a lower sperm count.

  • Say No to Steroids: In the eagerness of building strong muscles, you may get addicted to anabolic steroids.

    But don’t forget, these result in lower sperm production by shrinking your testicles.

  • Weight Loss: Losing weight can really help your swimmers.

    An obese patient is most likely to be infertile because of hormonal changes that affect sperm.

    Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to stay fit and have a good and healthy body.

Seek Help From Your Doctor

seek help from doctor
  • Get an STD Check Done: An infection caused by STDs, sexually transmitted diseases can result in lower sperm production.

    Ask to get a test done and get the proper diagnosis.

  • Opt for Hormone Replacement or Medication: Certain options can help to restore your hormones and can answer your question on how to increase testosterone in the body.

    Few medicines and supplements like amino acids, l-carnitine and antioxidants like vitamin C and E, may help your swimmers as well.


good sperm

So there you have it!

Your swimmers are little versions of you.

They need exercise and nutritious food.

They enjoy sex and don’t like chemicals.

So live well.

Consider the tips we’ve discussed in this article and keep your doctor in the loop.

Good things may happen – so get on it and help your swimmers!

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