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12 Social Graces for Strip Club Fun

social grace strip club fun

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “strip club”?

Naked women? Strippers?

Some rich dudes who are willing to pay women to have sex with them?

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure: these people still deserve respect.

Many people think that they can act and do whatever they want, just because they are inside a strip club.


Going in a strip club doesn’t give you a license to be an a-hole or act inappropriately.

Here are dos and don’ts you should know before you go inside a strip club.

1. Dress Appropriately

dress appropriately

So what if there are naked girls around?

That doesn’t give you a license to dress like trash, right?

Fine, some venues allow you to go in with your short and slippers, but seriously, is that how you want to spend your Friday night fun?

Plus, the people there are after strippers, so don’t take away the attention from them.

Dress nicely and appropriately.

It won’t hurt if you put on some decent clothes and leave your pajamas behind.

And yes, there is a higher chance that a stripper won’t even bother going near you if you dress that way.

2. Be Nice To Everyone

be nice to everyone

For sure, you heard about the saying “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.

Regardless of how many times you hear it, the point is, you should treat everyone in the strip club nicely. 

Be nice, starting from the person who’ll let you in, to the bouncer and the waiters taking your orders, and even the strippers themselves.

Remember, these people can be your ticket to better seats and views, plus cool perks if you are nice to them.

In case there are brawls inside, they might even be the ones to protect you.

Go ahead. Give them a tip, too.

They’ll appreciate you for that.

And yes, it will surely make their night.

3. Avoid Being The Loud, Obnoxious One

avoid being loud obnoxious

So, you are loving the view.

That’s great.

But please, you don’t need to tell the whole world how that girl in pink lace underwear that looks like Alessandra Ambrosio is giving you a boner – even without doing anything.

Keep in mind that despite its nature, a strip club is still business who relies on its professional clientele to keep them going.

Unless you want to be thrown out of the club and asked never to return, then keep those racy and discriminating thoughts to yourself.

No one is interested to hear how you made fun of that guy in blue, anyway.

4. Drinking Alcohol Is Fun, Until It Becomes Too Much

alcohol too much

Okay fine.

Can you imagine a strip club with no traces of alcohol in it?

For sure, that club is non-operational by now. 

Apparently, strip clubs and alcohol will always go together.

It helps you relax and prepare for the night that’s about to come.

However, there’s a reason why the “drink moderately” slogan is running continuously in many alcohol-related ads.

First, drunk driving is not cool.

Second, you want an unforgettable night, not a night you can’t remember.

Third, you don’t want to cause a scene, just because you can’t handle your alcohol.

Of course, no one is stopping you here.

If you want to drink, then go ahead.

Just make sure you can handle alcohol and not the other way around.

5. Know The Place

Know The Place

50 years ago, you’ll only find out about a certain place through either the word of mouth or via commercials.

Since morality issues are taking over, you will only know about strip clubs through choice number one.

Thankfully, things are different today.

Before you go to a strip club, make sure you gather as many information as you can about the place.

Check out the type of services, the rates for each service, the food and drinks served and how much they cost, and the rules and regulations, if any. 

If there is no website available, then at least talk to the manager or bouncer and ask questions before going inside.

Knowledge is power, so don’t assume anything.

Don’t worry.

This is not a sign of being a newbie and no, they won’t make fun of you.

6. Observe

observe in strip club

Every strip club operates differently.

There are some who allow men to touch the girls and do some stuff with them.

However, the more upscale ones have rules to follow. 

If you and your guy friends decide to visit a strip club for fun, then make sure to observe what others are doing before you do anything.

See how other men are behaving and observe their attitude towards women.

Just because you went there to see a naked girl and hope that she will give you a lap dance, that doesn’t mean you can do anything you want.

Once you fall out of line, then well, you know what will happen – out the door you go, for good.

7. Relax

relax comfortably no stress

Getting too giddy and excited is normal, especially when so many hot girls are surrounding you.

That’s fine.

Just make sure you won’t show that your nerves are all over the place.

Keep this in mind: acting like a newbie won’t attract women.

Women want men who are in control and know what they are doing.

If you are fidgeting and sweating all the time, then don’t expect those gorgeous women to entertain you.

Just relax.

Sit comfortably and enjoy the moment.

And yes, it’s going to be fine.

8. Show Some Respect

respect women at strip club

Dancers and women in strip clubs are not necessarily prostitutes.

Sure, there are women you can pay to give you some extra services.

However, this doesn’t give you a license to grab any woman you want and demand a blowjob.

Yes, you can feast your eyes all you want because that is exactly the point of strip clubs.

Just make sure you keep your hands to yourself and fantasize about them later – alone.

9. Give A Good Tip

Give A Good Tip

This is especially true when you are seated in front.

Seating in front is what most men would like to call the “erection section.

This is where women in their see through underwear go first and do some teasing.

Because you’re friends with the bouncers, they decide to reserve you a good table in front where you can see the goods up close and personal.

Apparently, there is an unwritten rule that you need to get your goods out first before the goods come knocking at you.

So, before you go to a strip club, make sure to stuff your wallet with the essentials.

Be prepared to stuff something inside their underwear if you want to get a real show.

And yes, it really works that way, so make sure you have smaller bills and leave her asking for more.

10. Ask Permission

ask permission at strip club

Again, strippers are not necessarily prostitutes.

So, before you even attempt to touch her boobs or grab her butt, make sure to ask her permission first. 

You might say that it’s part of their job.

That’s true.

But would you want anyone to touch that one thing that is so precious to you?

Of course not, right.

It goes to them.

In other words, the only time they will allow you to touch them is when you’re stuffing a dollar in her panties.

If she decided to give you a lap dance or gave you a go signal, then go ahead.

What more could you ask for?

11. Never Offer To Buy Her A Drink

never offer to buy drink at strip club

Yes, guys.

Dancers will appreciate your offer, but there is a bigger chance that they had a drink or two even before stepping out.

Plus, they would appreciate it more if you just give them what they need – cold, hard cash.

When you finally see that girl you want to spend time with, tip her generously.

There is a big possibility that she will tell her friends about you, and the next thing you know, gorgeous women will head straight for you.

12. Always Pay In Cash

always pay cash at strip club

Apparently, your plastic money has no place in strip clubs, which explains why this can also be a lucrative business.


First, your girl might unleash her inner James Bond self when she suspects something.

Aside from your wallet and pockets, she can also look into your credit card bills to see condoms and motel room bills, which spells disaster.

Also, women in strip clubs need cold cash.

Regardless if it’s a platinum card with thousands of dollars as a credit limit, they won’t really care.

So, if you don’t have a cash on hand, then don’t go to strip clubs.

You don’t want to waste their time, do you?

This is where men are separated from the boys.

Boys tend to get too excited as soon as they find out they are going to a strip club.

They are loud, rowdy and a type of person you want to kick in the butt for ruining the mood.

On the other hand, men are calm, composed and respectful.

They treat everyone inside the club nicely, regardless of whether they are paying for extra service or not.

Go ahead. Fall in line. Be the better man.

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