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Male enhancement pills are in no way new to the world.

They are not the same as doctor-prescribed sex pills in that they rely solely on a combination of natural ingredients derived from plants, animals, food, etc.

However, we understand that if this is your first time looking for a male enhancement product to try, it can be quite daunting.

Does it work?

Is it safe?

Can I trust the product?

Well fortunately for you, there is good news.

For the first time, clinical trial data is now available to the public, meaning it is now possible to see for yourself if our male enhancement pill actually work.

Later on, we shall also share with you our secret to successful male enhancement, so read on…

Types of Sexual Problems Faced By Men

Sexual Issues Faced By Men
  • Lack of Sexual Desire: You feel impassive to your sexual needs.

    You don’t feel like indulging in sexual activity, and this has affected your sex life.

  • LimpnessThis is the failure to reach firm erections during sexual intercourse.

    It is a very common sexual problem among men.

  • Ejaculation Issues: There are various types of ejaculation disorders which cause men to finish earlier than they want and cause distress.

What Are The Causes Of Male Health Problems?


Men can experience sexual health problems for many reasons and some of these are mentioned below:

  • Psychological Causes: Some of the common reasons for weak erections in men include negative feelings and depression.

    Stressed relationships between partners and fear of failure in sexual performance also add to poor performance in bed.

  • Physical Causes: Diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and kidney problems are some of the diseases that can lead to sexual disorders.

    The lack of sexual stamina may also be caused by underlying health problems. This can only be diagnosed with the help of your doctor.

  • Lifestyle Causes: Unhealthy lifestyles, including lack of physical activity, smoking, and drinking, lessens the male libido.

    Extra weight and side effects of other drugs are some other important causes.

The Male Enhancement Products And Male Enlargement Techniques Available On The Market Today

male enhancement options

Sexual enhancement remedies are nowadays the best they have ever been.

Let’s have a closer look at the best male enhancement options available to you today:

Option #1: Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Surgery remains one of the best male enhancement remedies available, with average improvements of approximately one inch achieved by most men.

This is a viable option for some men since the results are almost guaranteed.

However, male enhancement surgery may not be the best option for you if you are concerned about expense, recovery time, or potential injury.

Numbness and loss of sensation can result from even the best male enhancement surgery.

A large percentage of men who receive the surgery are unhappy with the results following their recovery.

Note that exercise programs are recommended following surgery to complete and enhance the transformation.

Types Of Surgery

  • Surgery for length: The suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the pelvic bone will be cut.

    This causes the penis to hang a little further from the body.

    And since the ligament no longer attaches to the penis, it will appear longer no doubt but causing it to be more unstable.

    Stretching devices and weights are then used for a few weeks to force a permanent increase in penis length.

    This method is risky as it may result in scars and injury to the penis.

  • Dermal Implants: Here, fat cells are taken from other parts of the body and are surgically implanted on the penis.

    This surgery is meant to increase the length and girth of the penis.

    But like any other surgery, this procedure has many limitations.

    For instance it does not increase the size of the penis head, which can give your penis an awkward appearance.

Option #2: Male Enhancement Exercises

Male Enhancement Exercises

Exercises and enhancement devices may be the best male enhancement option out there – for men who are willing to commit to the program.

While this technique is a reliable, tested and proven method to achieve noticeable, visible male enhancement, it takes considerable time and effort to achieve results.

Here are three effective and natural exercises that you can perform:

  • Jelqing: This is the first exercise that most men use to increase their penis size.

    It is a milking technique that helps to massage the penis.

    The milking action pushes blood into the shaft of the penis and expands the penile tissues.

  • Kegels: Kegels contract the pelvic floor muscles.

    This helps to strengthen and tone these muscles, which provides stronger ejaculatory control during sexual intimacy.

  • Manual Stretching: Stretching exercises are an essential part of the male enhancement exercise routine.

    The aim of the exercise is to pull hard enough to stretch the tissues in the penis.

    The stretching should not be painful; if it is, the intensity of the exercise should be reduced.

  • Ballooning: This is yet another effective exercise that helps men with premature ejaculation.

    Ballooning requires you to control your ejaculation during arousal by squeezing the head of your penis.

    When done regularly and correctly, this exercise brings remarkable results.

It is important to remember that it does take some time to get the results you desire, so you need to be regular with your male enhancement exercises.

Be aware that the risk for injury, from bruising and swelling to more traumatic tearing of tissues, is a concern with this male enhancement option.

Your best bet is to follow a program designed by a male enhancement expert (they do exist!) to progress properly and avoid injury.

Option #3: Male Extender Devices

Male Extender Devices

Penis Extender

This is a device that increases the length of the penis by applying a gentle longitudinal force. 

The extender is strapped around the shaft.

It also has a traction device, which is gradually adjusted to stretch the penis.

The gradual increase in traction stimulates the creation of new cells in the penis.

This is the reason why the result is permanent.

In order to get the best result, natural men enhancers should be worn continuously for at least four hours every day.

Soreness is expected since you are basically stretching your penis.

There are a lot of fake extenders being sold on the market today, so you need to be cautious.

Be sure to purchase authentic products, to ensure safety and quality.

Penis Pump

A penis pump is sometimes referred to as vacuum pump.

Under this method, the ‘manhood’ will be placed in a plastic tube that has a rubber seal on the end.

Once inserted, the rubber will create a vacuum around the base.

The trigger must be squeezed in order to suck the air out of the tube which will eventually pull more blood into your member.

Since there is an increase in blood flow, the size of the penis and overall sexual health will improve.

Using a pump may cause pain which can last for weeks.

Also, too much pumping can damage the elastic tissue in your manhood area which can lead to less firm erections.

Therefore, this method should be used with caution and not longer than the recommended time.


This stretches the penis by hanging weights from it.

Working on the same principle as extenders, weights may help to increase the length of the penis, but not its girth.

Hanging weights from the penis allows the penile tissues to regrow and produce stronger cells.

However, the use of weights for increasing the size of the penis has not been proven to be safe.

Weights also pose health risks, such as the formation of lesions and decreased sensation.

They may also reduce the blood supply to the penis resulting in tissue death, infection and gangrene.

Option #4: Medication


Drugs like were designed with one thing in mind: to give men suffering erection issues the ability to get, and keep, and erection.

But with regular use, enhanced erections can help the penis feel fuller and firmer, as the chambers of the penis (the corpus cavernosa) expand to accommodate blood flow and over time are forced to stretch.

However, these medications were not designed as anything more than erectile dysfunction drugs, and as such may not be the best male enhancement option available to you.

If you are suffering from erection issues, though, and are able to get a prescription for one of these erection issue drugs (if it is not contraindicated by any other medications you may be taking), you may notice a slight improvement in the appearance of the penis as a side benefit.

The real drawbacks of these drugs are the side effects – and these side effects are why prescription medications may not be the best male enhancement solution for you.

Side effects can include altered vision, headaches, painful erections that won’t go away for several hours, and even heart attacks.

Another thing to note is that ED drugs enable an erection solid enough for sexual intercourse, but do not aid in sexual arousal.

Option #5: Penis Oils and Delay Wipes

penis oil

Massaging your penis with oils helps provide lubrication and warmth, both of which enhance sexual pleasure.

Oils work by increasing blood circulation in the penis.

Although oils may achieve positive results, there is no medical evidence to support their efficacy.

Delay wipes work pretty much the same way as oil, except that the product itself appears more discreet.

No one is ever to suspect a thing with a wipe, so you can carry it with you anywhere you go.

That said, just don’t mistake it for ordinary wipes and use it on your face or mouth.

Option #6: Natural Enhancement Supplements For Men

natural herbs

A lot of people are taking natural dietary supplements for better health.

Likewise, if you wish to have a stronger erection during sex, consider taking male enhancement supplements.

With male enhancement supplements, there’s no painful surgery, no need for awkward exercises or cumbersome devices, and no potentially risky drugs.

Best of all, the newest formulations contain natural herbs scientifically proven to promote libido, blood flow, and circulation, in combination with the latest advancements in delivery systems that ensure your body can use these nutrients to their fullest capacity.

What You Need to Know About Natural Male Enhancement Pills

What You Need to Know

Male enhancement supplements are designed to make the penis appear bigger (with increased blood flow to the penis during erection) and at the same time address performance issues in bed.

Unlike medication prescribed by doctors, male sexual pills are designed for spontaneous passion, while improving your sex stamina.

Just take the supplement as suggested because they’re made with sexual nutrients that may help sexual wellness.

Depending on the product, it usually takes two to three months before the results will show.

This type of product can be in the form of pills, gels or volume enhancers.

Pills that are taken orally will take months before you see the results.

If you want to maintain erection, then gel is your best bet.

On the other hand, semen volume enhancers are great for enjoyment because they may increase semen production, which should make your climax long and very enjoyable.

Most guys with no specific health concerns or conditions can use these products.

What Are The Benefits of Using Male Enhancement Pills?


Male enhancement products that are made of natural ingredients are always safe.

Here are mentioned some of the positive results of taking them.

Stronger Erection

It is difficult for a man who does not have harder erection to satisfy himself and a woman during lovemaking.

If your erection is weak, your penis does not stay hard enough for you to penetrate a woman, let alone satisfy her.

Choosing the right sexual enhancement product may help you get that stronger erection you always wanted.

More on this later…

Increase Sexual Satisfaction

Having a stronger erection does not necessary guarantee you sexual satisfaction if your erected manhood does not feel fuller to your partner.

In other words, the size of your penis matters when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

Choosing a male enhancement product that helps to enlarge the size of your penis thereby giving you a bigger erection is the way to go.

Your partner will have a good feel of your penis in her vagina as it brushes against its walls.

Increased Libido

Sexual drive is necessary in lovemaking.

This is because a man can only think of lovemaking when he has the sexual urge.

A man that has low sexual urge will not have any interest in sex.

Therefore, it is important that you have improved sexual drive.

Choose a male enhancement product that will not just only give you a stronger erection, but also increase your libido.

Long Lasting Sex

In fact, virtually every man in one time of his sexual life have ‘finished too soon’.

If this happens too often, it can affect the sexual relationship between your partner and you.

Long term unsatisfied sexual drive may lead to break-ups.

If you want your sex to last longer, look for a male enhancement product that can help you do just that!

Three Steps to Finding Natural Male Enhancement Pills That Will Work for You

Three Steps

When you are doing an internet search – which is how most of us get information on the subject – you probably start by simply typing something like “best male enhancement pills” or “erection pills” or “best sex pills for men” into a search engine and seeing what comes up.

The top products listed in the search engines are probably the most popular male enhancement products, right?

And they are probably the most popular because they are used by a lot of guys, and they work for a lot of guys, right? 

Or is it marketing? 

And when you begin doing research on these products to develop your own opinions, is the information actually informative… or is it marketing?

Determining which are the top male enhancement products – and which will work for you – is next to impossible, unless you are willing to try every product out there. (Which you just may be willing to do!)

But if you want to skip the headache, expense, and time involved in trying every top male enhancement product out there, stop to consider what makes a product good – what makes one product better than the rest.

How To Find Quality Natural Male Enhancement Pills


The problem with finding good quality, all natural sexual enhancement pills is that the herbal remedy market isn’t very strictly regulated.

That means there are companies out there selling products with low-quality ingredients.

The ingredients may look the same on the label, but may be included in smaller quantities, or may be a type of herb that loses potency when sold in cheap powdered form.

And it’s hard for the consumer to know…

There are three steps you can follow to find natural male enhancements pills that you can trust.

#1: Identify quality ingredients.

#2: Determine company credibility.

#3: Find out if product has been third-party tested.

Let’s look at these steps in closer detail.

Step #1: Find Natural Male Enhancement Pills That Contain Quality Ingredients

Pills That Contain Quality Ingredients

Look for natural male enlargement pills that contain an impressive list of proven medicinal ingredients.

Be sure to look for the following powerful herbs in particular:


Clinically proven to increase herbal supplement absorption rates.


This herb has been used by men as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years.

Recently, clinical trials are showing that Damiana can increase sexual endurance to help you last long in bed, improve sexual performance and stimulate more intense orgasms. 


This ingredient is extracted from a leaf, Epimedium acts as a potent PDE-5 inhibitor, which will increase your nitric oxide levels, thus creating larger and fuller erections.

Known historically as “horny goat weed” this extract has been used for thousands of years as a libido enhancer.

Ginkgo Biloba

Often associated with helping promote mental clarity, focus and memory, Gingko Biloba also has a significant impact on your sexuality.

With more than 300 studies done on this plant, Gingko Biloba generally improves 4 phases of sexual response which are desire, excitement, orgasm and afterglow.

Asian Red Ginseng

A recent human study has concluded that men treated with ginseng had much higher sexual function, most notably levels were incredible in terms of penetration and maintenance of an erection. 

Saw Palmetto Berry

Effective for treating men with prostate problems as well as increasing blood flow to the penis. 

Muira Pauma Bark Extract

Recent clinical studies show a huge improvement in sexual performance from patients who were suffering from performance issues.

Further, improves frequency of intercourse and desire. 

Catuabae Bark Extract

Dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow in the genital regions while also functioning as a nerve stimulant.

Most of these natural male enhancement extracts have been known to mankind for thousands of years but recent clinical studies prove their efficacy.

Step #2: Find Natural Male Enhancement Pills Sold By A Reputable Company That Has Been Around For A Long Time


Do everything you can to ensure the natural male enhancement pill you purchase is being sold by a reputable company, and is a legitimate product.

It’s not always easy to tell who or what you’re dealing with, especially when you are purchasing online.

Look for a website that seems professional and lists testimonials, product ingredients, product research, and has an easily accessible support staff.

Make sure the company has been in existence for a good length of time.

Find out what other products they carry and make sure they are truly experts in field of sex enhancement pills for males.

Step #3: Find Natural Male Enhancement Pills That Are Backed By Independent, Third-party Clinical Studies

Backed By Independent, Third-party Clinical Studies

Ensure that the natural male enhancement pills you are considering purchasing have been properly, scientifically tested by a neutral third party.

Whenever a company runs its own tests of its own products, the results can be easily skewed in their favor.

But when a legitimate scientific lab runs its own tests, you know the results are the real deal.

Plus, the very fact that a company is willing to submit its product for unbiased testing should tell you something.

A good clinical trial will take about two years to complete, so only the most stable, most reliable companies will be interested in undergoing product testing.

The tests should be published on the company’s website – not just selectively quoted from (which can also skew information).

If you are wondering what product fits all these criteria and gives you the said benefits earlier on, look no further.

VigRX Plus – Your Only Best Choice For Male Enhancement Pills… 🙂

VigRX Plus

So what is the most effective male enhancement pill?

It may sound like we are singing our own praises.

But here’s why we are confident to claim that VigRX Plus is your only best choice for male enhancement pills.

In the field of natural male enhancement pills, very few products have undergone rigorous third-party testing of any kind.

And in fact, only one of the top rated male enhancement pills available in the market has been tested on human subjects instead of in a petri dish or on a rat.

The product, called VigRX Plus, was shown in third-party clinical trials to have a significant impact on men’s ability to achieve and sustain an erection, including penetration and climax.

The study showed a 47 percent increase in sexual drive and desire, and a 61 percent increase in overall sexual satisfaction.

In fact, the study’s findings indicate that VigRX Plus is successful in its ability to promote an erection – with the additional benefit of promoting sexual libido as well.

The supplement is safe and without side effects, and does not require a prescription (meaning that it does not contain pharmaceuticals and has no known contraindications).

By improving sexual desire and promoting blood flow, this product leads naturally to fuller, thicker erections, which over time allow the chambers of the penis to expand and result in visible increases.

There are other products out there, but only VigRX Plus has been proven on human subjects, making it the best male enhancement supplement on the market today.

Read the full clinical trial here.

You can also check out the real and positive reviews given by our customers.

The *Real* Secret of Male Enhancement and The Pills


Most men probably don’t know this, but the real secret of male enhancement is to combine methods.

And give it a 3 to 6 months time to see results.

More often than not, we get people asking for male enhancement pills that work fast. VigRX Plus is not magic pills. 🙂

When you combine a high-quality male enhancement supplement with a well laid out exercise program designed by a qualified male enhancement expert (they do exist), you won’t believe your results.

Of course, results vary, and they depend upon many factors, such as your dedication and consistency with your exercises, the quality of your enhancement supplement, and your natural physical ability.

So you’ve got a great male enhancement supplement.

You’ve got a great exercise program.

What more do you need?

What’s the other secret?

It’s this: Stick with it.

In the first few days or weeks of your exercise and supplement program, you’ll likely see some changes.

But over time, you will see more impressive results.

A supplement like VigRX Plus reaches maximum effectiveness at around the 90-day mark, but you can continue to see improvement after this time if you persist.

And your exercises should continue for at least four months – if not a year.

Don’t make the common mistake of trying a new male enhancement system and giving up after only a few weeks.

You can’t change your body overnight.

Think about any regular fitness program.

It take months to see impressive changes!

Persistence is key.

Get a high quality male enhancement supplement like VigRX Plus, find a professional male enhancement exercise program from a source you trust, and don’t give up.

You’re gonna love the new you. And your sex life is going to be amazing!

VigRX Plus has a 67 days money-back guarantee. It is almost close to a free trial. For full details, click here.

Try VigRX Plus today!

NOTE: Buy online on this website instead of buying your male enhancement pills over the counter from mom and pop store, to ensure you will receive genuine products.

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