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It will always be an unending quest:

How do you get stronger erections, so you can last longer in bed?

After all, having rock-hard manhood during sex is a dream come true for most men.

At the same time, you are able to give pleasure and the ultimate sexual experience to your partner, as well. 

The list is endless when it comes to having a stronger erection.

Here are tips on how to make your penis go the distance – minus the expensive implants and harmful pills.

Know Your Body: The Different Parts Of The Penis

penis parts

Since you see your penis every single day, you may know about the basic parts of the penis, which are the ball sack, the penis shaft and the head, or tip of the penis.

However, more parts of the male’s reproductive system are important in determining how it functions.

Here are the parts of the male sexual organ that you should know more about:

  • Corpora Cavernosa – These are the two cylinder-shaped chambers that run the entire length of the penis and they contain several blood vessels and cavities.

  • Urethra – The male’s urethra is much longer than the female’s urethra because the man’s reproductive organ is longer in length.

    It is the canal where urine and sperm flow out of and it is located underside the corpora cavernosa.

  • Shaft– The longest part of the penis.

  • Erectile Tissue – This structure sits within the corpora cavernosa and right above the urethra.

    It contains several nerves and veins and also houses two main arteries.

  • Head Of The Penis – Another name for the head of the penis is the glans and it is located right at the end of the penis’ shaft.

  • Meatus – This structure is located at the tip of the head, where the fluids and discharges emerge.

How An Erection Occurs?

erected banana

A man’s erection actually starts in their brain!

When a man gets physically and mentally stimulated through sexual thoughts or actions (even unconsciously), the nerves in the brain send out messages to the nerves in the penis. 

As sexual stimulus takes place, the nerves tell the blood vessels in the penis to relax, so that blood can flow freely into it.

When blood pressure increases in the organ, it becomes trapped in the corpora cavernosa.

This causes the penis to harden, expand and maintain the erection.

The duration of an erection depends on the man’s health, mood, mental and physical fatigue.

An erection could be stimulated with sexual thoughts, touching, rubbing and pornographic images.

There are also times during the night when a man gets an erection.

It does not necessarily mean they are turned on sexually.

A phenomenon called nocturnal penile tumescence or NPT is a condition when a man has an erection during the night.

This can happen at least three to five times throughout the night.

There are electrical impulses in the brain that happen during rapid eye movement, or the REM stages of sleep.

And the man’s testosterone level is at its peak during the morning.

Men who cannot have erections often have problems with their health.

They may experience sexual disorders which prevents them from having erections.

Hence, it is necessary for the person to seek professional help.

The tips below won’t help until you solve your medical conditions.

The Importance Of Having Strong Erections

strong erection condom

Erections are essential for a man to proceed with sexual intercourse.

The penis needs to be erect and hard enough to proceed with penetration.

Even after penetration, a strong erection is still important, because it cannot carry on with the entire sexual intercourse encounter when it becomes limp or even semi-hard.

This could be very frustrating for both the male and the female, especially if they are in a serious and committed relationship.

Men who can’t have or maintain erections end up with a frustrating problem.

It could really cause exasperating issues personally and most especially while being in a relationship.

Some relationship with sexual problems may even end, causing pain, hardship and destroying families.

What You Need To Know To Get A Strong Erection

erection couple exercise

If you want to have a strong erection and maintain that in tip-top condition, you should pay attention to the health of your penis.

Here are our list of tips on how you can achieve better, longer-lasting and stronger erections.

You may be surprised.

It starts with your lifestyle…

1.      Maintain A Healthy Diet. 

healthy diet

Try to keep in mind that food for a man’s heart is also not healthy for the ability to have erections.

Try to focus on foods that are fresh and free of excessive fats, salt, sugar, preservatives and additives.

Mix up your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, since they are antioxidants that help with the quality and strength of your erections.

Eat food that helps maintain your penis health.

They could increase the blood flow to the penis, which is important.

More on this later…

2.      Maintain A Healthy Weight. 

healthy weight

Men who tend to be overweight are more at risk for erection problems, since the excess pounds can cause nerve damage.

Keep your weight at a specific number that is right for your body frame.

If you don’t know what it should be, ask your doctor.

3.      Get Your Cholesterol And Blood Pressure Checked Regularly. 

check blood pressure

You should opt to getting a general check up every year or so depending on your age.

Having high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure could damage the blood vessels throughout your body, which could affect your penis and cause limpness.

4.      Exercise At Least Three Times A Week. 


Many studies show that a sedentary lifestyle can trigger problems downstairs.

Exercise regularly.

Try to get in some cardio workouts throughout the week such as running, swimming, dancing or other forms of aerobic exercises to keep your Johnson hard and happy.

5.      Get Enough Sleep. 

sleeping man

There is a reason why parents push their kids to go to sleep.

It has many benefits and it recharges the body so you can have energy to do your tasks within the day. 

Hence, get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day to avoid disrupting the flow of hormones that are responsible for your sex drive.

Erections are common during the REM phase, which can last up to 5 hours.

In addition, sleep recharges your penis and keeps it well-nourished with oxygenated blood.

6.      Avoid Smoking And Excessive Alcohol Drinking. 

no smoking

Both these vices will do no good for your body, and that includes your erectile health.

Men who are chronic smokers and chronic alcohol drinkers tend to have nerve, liver and lung damage, which could interfere with erectile wellness.

According to a study conducted at the University of Kentucky, men who smoke described their sex life as five, with 10 being the highest, while non-smokers rated theirs at nine.

In other words, quit smoking.

Smoking can cause erection problems and your ability to stay hard when it matters.

It also damages the blood vessels and penile tissues, which can affect its ability to stretch and get it up.

7.      Do Not Stress All Too Much About Your Performance. 

low sexual performance

Try to keep in mind that during sexual intercourse, it is important to relax and enjoy the encounter.

Many men fail to get an erection, because they are overly concerned about other things related to how they perform.

8.      Take Natural Male Enhancement Supplements. 

VigRX Plus Male Supplement

VigRX Plus™ is one popular male enhancement product available in the market today.

Among other things, it’s clinically proven to help men maintain an erection by 62.82%.

9.      Focus On Foreplay Before Sexual Intercourse. 

focus on foreplay

Try not to jump into sex too fast.

It is important to start with activities such as kissing, touching, rubbing and mutual masturbation.

Foreplay helps couples to become more connected and it also adds to the fun and excitement of the entire sexual experience.

10.  Do It More Often. 

more sex often

This means sex, of course.

For most men, having sex more often leads to better erections.

This is because sex boosts testosterone levels that can keep your “machine” going.

Remember, if you don’t use it, you might lose it.

Top 10 Foods For Stronger Erections

Aside from the natural tips mentioned, food plays an important role in giving you stronger and harder erections.

Again, a healthy diet can help your guy a lot to keep it going.

Here are ten of the best foods for stronger erections:


onion sex food

Did you know that onion is good for the heart too?

It thins the blood, hence increasing the blood volume, which in turn, helps you get an erection and makes you last longer.


salmon sex food

Omega-3 fatty acids can improve blood circulation.

This component is in fish, such as salmon.


oysters for sex

Zinc is necessary to produce testosterone in the body.

One of the best ways to get this nutrient is by eating oysters.



Banana is rich in potassium, which can keep your heart healthy and improve blood circulation.

The goal is to get enough blood supplied down there.

Whole Grains

whole grain food

Who says whole grains are just for those who are on a diet?

Carbohydrates provide the energy you need to help you get an erection.

You can get them by eating whole grains and fruits.

In addition, they have less fat, so there’s no worrying about weight gain.

Be sure to stay away from processed, simple carbs, though.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds

This food can help clean up the toxins in your body and system so you can have a healthy erection.


watermelon for erection

Aside from its taste, watermelon can relax or dilate your blood vessels, so your heart can pump more blood to your member.


pomegranate for sex

This fruit is loaded with iron, which can help produce red blood cells.

As a result, you will have more blood, which can lead to stronger erections, too.


chilli for sex

Have you noticed how your face becomes red after eating spicy food?

That’s what happens to your manhood when you eat hot chilies, too.

It pushes more blood to your penis to make it easy for you to get it up.

Dark Chocolate 

dark chocolate erection

There are opposing views on the aphrodisiac effects of chocolates.

Still, many people tell that dark chocolate can help you get aroused, which makes it easier for you to get an erection.


strong erection health

Erection health is also vital for getting a strong erection.

Just like other organs on your body, you also have to consider taking care of your reproductive system to maintain a healthy erection.

If you did not think about it before, it is now time to pay attention to your erection wellness, so that you could get a stronger erection when it’s time to play.

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