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10 Dirty Sex Secrets She’s Not Telling You

girl dirty sex secrets

Everyone has secrets.

Secrets are normal in every living human being.

There are secrets used as a lie, even secrets used to protect or dirty little secrets that we are too shy to admit.

There is nothing wrong with having a secret, unless it’s something dangerous or cataclysmic.

Even the most honest people have secrets of their own.

Yes, even the closest and the long term couples have them, too.

Women keep secrets from their men.

It’s a normal thing in a relationship.

Don’t worry, she means no harm.

In fact, 95 percent of the time, she’s too shy to admit her dirty little secrets,
or she’s just protecting you from getting hurt over something petty and something that you really should not worry about.

But still, they are secrets and they will have you wondering.

Especially if these secrets are about the sexual and bedroom escapades that you have – or don’t have, for that matter.

It is understandable that you only want to know her more, to make everything between you a lot more intimate, take the relationship a notch higher, when there are no bars in between.

So in the interest of your aim to learn more about your woman and what she’s hiding inside her closet, here are 10 of the most common dirty little secrets that she might be keeping from you.

1. She Pleasures Herself When She’s Alone

pleasure herself when alone

You’re not the only one who knows how to masturbate.

She’s an adult and she’s seen enough of the world to know how her body works, and how to pleasure it on her own.

It’s not you; it’s her and her quest to bring herself to the edge, even if you’re not around to bring her there.

Your woman uses her fingers too, and that’s right, she does it exactly how you twirl and play with her womanhood using your fingers.

She’s just not open about it, because unlike men, this may be a sensitive topic for her.

Women, demure and wholesome creatures that they are, like you to think that she is still this innocent little angel that can do no harm.

Surprise, surprise.

2. She Has A Vibrator And She Uses It A Lot


Again with the pleasuring herself notion.

Vibrators are not a myth, and your woman most likely has one in her drawer that she uses during her alone time.

Don’t fret and don’t be offended – especially if the vibrator is bigger than your manhood.

For her, nothing beats the feeling of natural skin against skin.

But like you, she also wants to feel her own body and bring herself to the brink in her own terms.

She uses a vibrator to give her just that.

She’s not telling you this because either she’s just really shy, or she doesn’t want you to feel intimidated by knowing that something else entirely is pleasuring her and your biggest competition is nothing more than a hard, battery-operated plastic device.

3. She Can Be Horniest In The Morning

Morning sex

Morning sex is not just something men want.

Mornings are high on her lists of the best time of the day to have sex.

This is because of the cold morning and you sharing your body heat plus the lazy, just woke up feeling can equate to her being hot and ready for you.

She’s keeping it a secret probably because of many factors – needing to get up early for work, her morning tousled look and/or morning breath.

You don’t have to call her out on this little secret.

Instead, grab a breath mint and put that morning boner of yours to work.

Morning sex can be a great way to say “good morning.”

4. She Still Stalks Her Ex On Social Media

stalk her ex

Oops, you just did a double take there.

Yes, she still stalks her ex on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and what-have-you social media sites.

But get this: she does not do that to betray you.

More often than not, she does that just to get the latest dibs on the ex-boyfriend.

After all, they have been together once and there might still be an emotional attachment for her, even just as friends.

So, don’t react violently or don’t get jealous right away if you see her ex’s name in your internet browser history.

It’s normal for a girl to keep track of her past relationships – girls are sentimental in nature.

Does not mean they still love their previous guy.

5. She Is Not A Fan Of Long Sex


No matter how much her body and face could pass as a porn star, she is not a porn star, so quit treating her like one during sex.

A sex act that’s just long enough for the both of you is fine.

Not those hour-long sex sessions, with your thing staying hard and with your stamina passing for an iron man.

She may or may not be up for that, after all.

If you notice she’s no longer that wet or she even may be too dry, you’ll have to lubricate her.

She’s getting bored.

She just doesn’t want to tell you because she wants you to be satisfied and she loves you enough to endure your porn video fantasy.

6. She Fantasizes About Your Friends

Fantasizes About Friends

Do you remember those times when you’re checking out her girlfriend’s ass?

Yup, this is the exact same thing, only with the opposite sex.

No offense to you, but don’t start pushing your friends away with the fear of losing your girl to them.

It’s a perfectly normal thing.

That only means your girl is not disabled in some way and can admire other people, aside from you.

You don’t really want her putting all her admiration on you to an obsessed level, which is totally uncool.

So, give your girl a break and let her admire nature’s creations by checking out your friend’s body from time to time.

7. She Can Be Very Horny During Her Period

very horny during period

Gentlemen who are not afraid to get dirty, listen up.

During her menstrual cycle, her body releases hormones that heightens her sensitivity and want, making her twice as horny as on normal days.

Do you need more encouragement?

Of course, the only constraint is the whole “period” thing, which you may find icky.

Duh. It’s perfectly safe.

Not exactly hygienic, but you can do it in the shower or clean up before and after.

Again, she is twice as horny during her period.

Don’t let that opportunity pass you up.

8. Her Moans Can Be Fake

Moans Can Be Fake

Sorry to drop the bad news on you gentlemen, but in reality, her moans can quite possibly be fake.

This may be a result of watching too much porn, or her wanting to let you feel proud of how much you are pleasuring her – either way, if it’s too loud, it’s too good to be true.

Unless she wants someone to hear – which is absolutely ridiculous by the way – she shouldn’t have to shout and tell the whole world that you lick her right there.

Moans of passion are soft and just low enough for the both of you to hear.

9. She Wants To Try It With Another Woman

lesbian sex fantasy

Every guy’s fantasy.

If your woman asks you to do a threesome with another woman, high five.

But of course, not every woman is open enough to ask you to do that because of obvious reasons.

She might be too shy, she might get insecure with the other woman, she might not live up to her expectations and so on.

But it doesn’t disregard the fact that she wants it.

Some women fantasize of trying it with another woman.

That does not mean she’s gay.

She just wants to experiment – women and their thirst for knowledge – as to what the hype is all about.

So, if the idea sounds good and she’s too shy to bring it up, try initiating it.

But go slow or the wrong tactics can get you in trouble for wanting to do it with another woman.

10. She Has Her Little Flings

Her Little Flings

Calm down.

No need to prepare your fists.

These little flings are innocent and she does more out of fun than out of wanting a serious relationship with that other person.

Otherwise, you would feel it on the way she acts around you.

So it’s really nothing to worry about.

Unless she starts spending more time with another man than she does with you, you can bet that she’s still all yours.

If your woman keeps a secret from you, it does not mean she loves you less.

Sometimes it means she just wants to explore more about her body, or she loves you enough to keep you from getting bothered over some stuff that is not really of importance to her and your relationship.

So, if you find out that she is hiding a vibrator in her drawer, don’t call her out on it.

Wait until she’s bold enough to ask you to use it on her.

Or if ever you unveil these dirty little secrets of hers, assure her that it’s something that you can understand – just let you in on the secret next time.

Keeping your cool on these petty things can strengthen your relationship and she might just trust you enough to finally tell you every little secret that she’s keeping to herself.

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