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16 Fresh Sex Tips for Men – Give Her A Night to Remember

According to iVillage’s 2013 Married Sex Survey, a majority of the respondents agreed that a good sex life is important, especially if you are married. Although most of the respondents said that sex can be predictable, only 60 percent of the women reported being happy.What about the remaining 40 percent?If you are struggling to make

Improve Your Married Life: 6 Tips on How to Love Your Wife

If you have been married for some time, you might be on the verge of a relationship breakdown. Many married couples complain how their relationships running out of steam and passion after some years together. The husband and the wife who once shared a deep love and intimacy may slowly begin to drift apart until

9 Secrets behind the Prostate Orgasm for Men

When it comes to sexual pleasure, the art of male prostate orgasm or prostate milking is, hands down, the way to ultimate male orgasm. If you have not experienced one, you are missing out on the good stuff! Luckily for you, you have come to the right place. In this article, you are going to

18 Foods That Helps Men To Increase Their Sperm Count

Your swimmers are truly remarkable. You may think inability to bring new life into this world is primarily a woman’s issue. That’s a mistake – life is the result of man and woman coming together. Very often the issue in question is inside you. More specifically, it may your swimmers – both quality and quantity.