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20 Great Tips on How to Please a Woman – Make Her Want More

20 tips to please a woman

It is a universal fact that men are physically, sexually and emotionally different from women.

Most women are not as sexually charged as men, even after spending an enjoyable evening with a man.

Even after sex, most men prefer taking a nap, while women want to chat.

Nonetheless, it is hard to deny that both men and women love sex.

It is just that men are more comfortable talking about sex and their fantasies compared to women.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you cannot discover your woman’s deep-rooted fantasies.

It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a committed relationship – you still need to know how to make your woman happy in bed to keep your connection going strong.

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When understanding how to please a woman, it is essential that you take various aspects into consideration.

This is because every woman is different.

In this article, we have listed 20 tips to pleasure a woman.

Go through these and see your woman melting in your arms in no time.

1. Find Out What Your Girl Wants

what girl want sex fantasy

The majority of guys don’t find it necessary to find out what their women really need.

They think that sex is a “one size fits all” event, but, that’s not true.

If you are looking to win those extra brownie points in bed, find out what your lady’s fantasies and desires are.

Make her feel comfortable enough to talk about her desires.

Find out what turns her on and plan creative ways to make her sex dreams come true.

Every woman is different, and so are their fantasies.

Some women get in the erotic mood after listening to some sensuous music, while others get in the mood after a glass of red wine.

Many women say they are turned on by men’s facial hair and beards.

Similarly, the smell of men’s cologne is a huge turn on for many women.

You just need to find out what stimulates your lady and then work on making those happen.

2. How to Pleasure a Woman: Relax Her with Your Support and Love


In order to ensure that you enjoy blissful moments with your woman in bed, you should make her relax and comfortable.

You can achieve this by making her feel special at all times.

By doing do, you will help her overcome her stress and anxiety.

According to sex therapists, women are more prone to depression than men.

This is not good for your sex life, because the high level of stress leads to a lower sex drive.

Juggling with the responsibilities of family, life and a career makes women prone to stress and anxiety.

When a woman is stressed, it becomes hard for her to enjoy sex with her man.

This is why it would be helpful if you could do a few simple things to make your woman feel more relaxed and happy.

Below are effective tips on how to make a woman happy:

Help Your Lady with Household Chores

household chores

You may not know serious cooking, but you can still help her by preparing healthy salads and simple recipes.

Women usually feel emotionally and physically secure when they find their partner indulging in household chores regularly.

The security and appreciation you provide to your woman by helping her feel more loved, will enhance her sex drive enormously.

Massage Helps to Stimulate Her Physically and Mentally

massage woman

Massage is a therapeutic way to enhance the senses of your woman and to make her relax.

She will surely enjoy the massage strokes if you use massage oil in a nice scented room with candles.

Make her feel that she is your queen, but don’t make it a chore.

Your romantic gesture will make her feel close to you.

Draw Her a Romantic Bath

Romantic Bath

This is not only relaxing but stimulating for your woman.

Draw her a sensuous bath with a nice aroma, candles and passionate music.

Your woman will surely appreciate your idea of love and romance.

3. Know How to Please a Woman Emotionally: Her Pleasure is Your Pleasure

pleasure her emotionally

The exposure of porn to men has forced them to think that this is all about having a passionate night with a woman.

The reality is, porn was created with men in mind and therefore, it is focused on them.

The tricks shown in porn are the least likely ways to get any woman to orgasm.

In fact, these are surefire ways to be a selfish lover.

You should be gentle with your woman’s body and not wild from the beginning, as displayed in various porn movies.

In order to understand how to pleasure a woman, you should make her pleasure your priority.

When you see her face blush and her voice husky, you will surely have a sensuous sexual experience.

Thus, find out innovative ideas to bring her pure love and make her orgasm reach new heights.

4. Learn How to Please a Woman: Warm Her Up Before You Start the Love Session

When you are with your lady in bed for a steamy sex session, don’t be in a hurry.

Spend some quality time indulging in foreplay in order to prepare her body for the heightened orgasm and sexual activity.

Foreplay means a lot to women as it increases their excitement, decreases stress and removes the fear of sex.

You can make foreplay both exciting and fun for both of you, but if you find yourself lacking in the libido department, be sure to talk to your doctor first.

A checkup will rule out any physical causes, and if you are otherwise healthy, talk to your doctor about using a natural male enhancement product like VigRX Plus.

Clinical studies have shown that many men have had positive results with it.

The usual foreplay activities include lots of different things, such as caressing her thighs and breasts to deep sensuous kisses and stimulating various erogenous zones of her body with your fingers and tongue.

Many couples also enjoy complex yet exciting foreplay tricks such as role-playing, spanking, biting, licking and scratching.

5. Discover Her Entire Body With Your Finger Tips

explore entire body

You can make your woman moan with ecstasy by touching her at the right places with the right strokes.

Be gentle with the zones that are sensitive.

The best way is to start by teasing them rather than touching them directly.

Softly rub around those extra erogenous areas until you find her asking for more.

Even then, rub them softly and go back to teasing her.

This will surely drive her wild and make sex more pleasurable.

6. Gently Tickle Her Ear and Neck

kiss ear and neck

The neck, specifically the nape, is an extremely sensual area.

You can easily stimulate this erogenous zone with your feather touch and passionate kiss.

Similarly, ear lobes are equally sensitive areas as they have numerous nerve endings.

You can stimulate them by blowing lightly on her ear lobes, sucking, nibbling and licking.

Thus, if you want to know how to pleasure a woman, nibble on these areas and we are sure you will be able to have a successful night with your woman.

7. Study the Female Anatomy: It’s Not Just About Her Vagina

Most women are left unsatisfied sexually because their men have no clue how to love them the right way.

Because most men reach orgasm with stimulation of the penis, most men think women also attain climax with the stimulation of the vagina.

This is not the case.

It is easy to bring many women to orgasm by arousing their clitoris, which is a bulbous gland present just above the vagina opening.

Study more about clitoris and discover ways to stimulate this oversensitive gland in a way to prepare your woman for overwhelming sex.

8. Wondering How to Please a Woman in Bed: Focus on Her Boobs

please woman boobs

Every sex session starts with a deep, passionate kiss and gradually moves forward to the breasts.

If you forgot to arouse your woman’s breasts and nipples, you fail to ignite the passionate fire.

Take your time to work your woman’s body.

You might be wondering how to please a woman with your hands.

If yes, use your hands and tongue to do crazy things to her sensuous twins.

Even when you enter her, play with her perky breasts, cup them, twist them gently and tickle her nipples.

This will not only make your orgasm satisfying, but also help her to get a quicker and faster orgasm.

9. The Most Powerful Tool in Your Bedroom: Her Mind

powerful mind in sex

You know how to please a woman in bed if you can spark her sexy side with some dirty talk.

Start early by teasing her all day with romantic texts.

Before and during your lovemaking session with your beautiful lady, use soft romantic language.

Call her by short, lovely names to make her more connected and loved by you.

When you see her getting more sexually aroused, increase the level of your dirty talk.

Remember, talking too much in a dirty manner and doing it too early may ruin things for you.

Slowly build your dirty talk up with her heightened stages of stimulation.

When she is near to receiving an orgasm, bring out your nasty dirty talk.

This will surely push her deep into the passion and she will experience an unforgettable orgasm.

There are a lot of men who feel hesitant to talk in a dirty manner to their partner in the bedroom.

Some men think that they are being disrespectful to the lady by talking this way, but this is a myth.

Even though most of the women may reveal to you that they want you to talk to them in a dirty manner, but deep inside, they crave it.

Be the man in the bedroom and take the lead.

Don’t be uncomfortable to show off your dominant side in order to make her submissive to your love act.

Just ensure that you follow the above tips, and we are sure she will have no problem listening to your dirty talk.

In truth, she will love you for it.

10. Learn How to Please Women Quickly: Locate Her G Spot

g-spot massager

One of the simple techniques on how to please a woman is by finding her special G spot.

It still remains a mystery to a lot of men; however, once you figure out ways to find it, and more importantly how to arouse it, you will find out how to satisfy your lady.

Remember that this works for most, but not all women.

How to Find the G Spot

doggie sex position

Here are a few tried and tested tips on how to find the G spot:

  • Doggie Style: It is the number one sexual position to facilitate the stimulation of the G spot.

    When you penetrate your girl from behind, the angle between her vagina and your penis is right.

    The only thing that you should keep in mind is to penetrate her downwards rather that horizontally.

    Keep your penis in the vertical position when inside her.

    You can get this position by keeping your hips over her hips.

    This way you will arouse her G spot every time.

  • Missionary Position: Some men think it is tough to stimulate the G spot in this good old sex position, but when you do it right, it is possible.

    It is worth noting that the G spot is located on the front wall of the woman’s vagina, so locating the G spot depends on the angle you create.

    Because of this, in the missionary position, you should insert your penis upwards.

    You can do so by placing a few pillows under the buttocks of your lady.

    Thrust in her with soft strokes initially, and then work it into a rhythmic penetration.

    As you continue in this manner, you will certainly find and arouse her G spot.

11. The Old Age Mantra for How to Satisfy a Woman: Perform Oral Sex

Men should master the technique of giving their women an erotic feeling through oral sex.

When you bite her gently, lick softly and insert your tongue inside her, she will definitely hear bells ringing in her head.

Now, you must be wondering how to please a woman sexually with your tongue.

Here is how.

  • When you plan to perform oral sex on your woman, you should make sure she is comfortable with it.

    You just can’t go down on her without helping her to relax mentally and physically.

    This is because, if she is not ready, she may get offended and you could lose the chance to please her in bed in the future.

  • Start by making her comfortable.

    Put on some light sensuous music, play with her hair or massage her.

    Do anything that will make her ready for more and set the mood for the whole night.

  • When you start oral sex on her, begin by kissing and pecking her vagina softly.

    Do not be in a hurry to lick her clitoris yet.

    Be slow and make her feel your touch.

    When you have explored her vagina, move to her labia and kiss them gently.

    Spend some time on each labium and see her expressions.

    If she moans in ecstasy, you can go further.

Take her clitoris in your mouth and suck on it deeply.

You can simultaneously penetrate her with your finger to stimulate your lady.

Now, you know how to please a woman sexually in bed, let’s move on to more tricks.

12. Make Her Eager With Your Moves: Keep Her Waiting

keep her waiting

You may have experienced that once you are near to your desires, you crave more for them.

That’s how sex also feels.

In order to make sex pleasure and enjoyable for your woman, tease her when you are just about to enter her vagina.

This way you will get her mind to build numerous pleasurable fantasies and she will yearn for you.

If you tease her and play with her, this will serve as a catalyst for passionate sex; however, remember not to delay things further, as this may eventually spoil your lady’s night.

Keep the teasing time short and sweet.

13. Kissing Keeps the Flame of Sex Alive: Lick Her as You Go

kiss butt sex

You are extremely close to getting the orgasms that you first start to get with your partner, but you are forgetting about the first step that leads you to where you are.

According to sex therapists, passionate and regular kissing during a lovemaking session is one of the ingredients to pleasure a woman.

So, if you find your woman losing interest at any time during sex, start kissing her.

Remember, that passionate kissing is not always the key to keep her going.

Just sense what she needs and kiss her accordingly.

You can be creative when kissing her.

Plant an occasional closed-mouth kiss on her eyes, forehead and nose.

Besides, play with your tongue on her lips, neck and breasts.

14. Let Your Imagination Go Wild: Discover Positions and New Locations Together

spice up

If you want to bring your lady to your bed, you need to think differently.

Don’t just take off her clothes every time and do the same tricks again and again.

Doing missionary or doggy style each and every time will make things boring for both of you.

Try different sexual positions to spice up your sex life.

Ask her what she wants and try new locations, such as having a quickie in the kitchen or bathroom.

If you are adventurous, have sex in a park or on the beach, but be warned that you do this at your own risk.

You don’t want to end up arrested for public lewdness, after all.

15. The Good Old Trick for Lasting Longer

VigRX Plus Supplement

Many men try to win their women by making them experience orgasms and ultimate bliss.

However most of them are not able to achieve this because of their inability to perform well in bed.

If you are a man who thinks that work stress, strain in the relationship and your low-confidence are standing as an obstacle in your healthy sex life, try male enhancement supplement from

VigRXPlus may help your sexual performance and bring back the spark in your sex life.

16. Have a Heart to Heart Conversation with Her

heart to heart conversation

We are sure that the above-mentioned tips will surely help satisfy a woman you want.

However, if you think that you are still not achieving the milestone you have set, talk to her.

Open communication with your partner is an effective key to relationships.

Don’t feel shy and humiliated while discussing sex-related issues with your woman.

You can easily improve your sex life if you convey what you like and what is missing.

Once you both get over the initial anxiety, you will find that everything will work out easily.

Concentrate on what your woman likes and what you want from her.

Once you will be mindful of her sexual needs, you will find her attending to your needs.

Healthy communication will not only improve your sex lives, but the relationship in general, as well.

17. Let Her Live Her Life: Give Her Space and Freedom

girlfriends outing

Even when bonded together in a relationship, each partner wants to breather and lives independently.

Most men get this opportunity, but majority of women don’t.

Don’t let her feel that she is tied to you.

Let her explore her world and do things that she likes.

Appreciate her hobbies and let her spend time with her friends.

Just like you, she is an adult and understands what is good for her.

Trust her.

18. Don’t Mess Around With Other Women

peeping staring man

Don’t stare at other women when you are with her.

Even though you love her deeply, you don’t want to make her think that you are interested in other women.

She needs to know that she is the woman who makes you happy and satisfied, too.

19. Show Her How Much You Love Her

happy woman texting

A woman loves to know how much you love her.

It is a natural instinct, so let her know how important she is for you by showing her with compliments every now and then.

You can show your concern and love by leaving a romantic note in her bag or by sending a romantic text to her phone.

20. Make Your Life Exciting With Her

exciting couple life

Routine often makes the relationship stale and boring.

Spice up your life and make it more exciting and fulfilling.

Take on new activities together such as travel, sport or any hobby that you both like.

Follow these tips on how to please a woman and become her special guy.

When partaking in a sexual activity with your partner, remember to show that you are also excited.

Talk to her and exchange romantic and sexual fantasies and desires with each other.

Work to make them happen together and have fun.

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