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51 Awesome Sex Fun Facts – Share a Quick Laugh with Her

couple laughing

There is a lot of information about sex that is all serious biology, and this is what most people know.

It is possible that there is a boatload of information you probably don’t know about sex that will interest you.

Some will make you laugh, while some could almost scare you.

The next time the conversation runs dry, you’ll be glad you learned a few of these fun facts about sex.

Beyond the facts, you will also learn something useful about VigRX Plus and how it might help you improve your performance in the bedroom.

Making love is a good thing, but you can spice it up with some laughter, too.

The following list of weird sex facts and fascinating facts about sex will help you bring a smile and some chuckles to the bedroom.

You just need to make sure you are prepared, because some of the interesting facts about sex listed here you may find weird.

1. She Might Want Sex More or Less Than Others

she want sex

Human beings are the same species, but are wired differently.

This explains why we all have different personalities, preferences and interest.

Things are not any different when it comes to sex.

Different people are at different levels of sex.

This simply means that she might not want as much sex as you do, or she might want a lot of sex and some more.

The next time you are with someone who wants more or less, just understand this is how she is wired.

2. Orgasms Are the Newest Painkillers on the Block

orgasms are painkiller

If she is cramping as a result of her “monthly gift,” while suffering from a headache or any other pain that will not hinder sex, you should be making love to her.

While jumping on her and putting all those muscles on her might be the last thing that comes to mind, it might actually be the best solution to her pain.

Studies have indicated that orgasms contribute a great deal to the release of oxytocin, which is a natural painkiller.

3. More Than 75 Percent of Women Will Not Hit the Big O with Penetration Only


It is one of the surprising fun facts about sex that surprises most men.

Okay, there are a bunch of men who do not even have an idea that women even orgasm.

Aside from that, you should probably know that most women will not orgasm from penetration only.

This means you will have to put in more work.

You might want to involve oral sex, toys and manual stimulation to help her get there.

In most cases, as long as she is getting an orgasm, she will not care how you do it as long as it does not involve anything she considers weird and disturbing.

4. Who Gets the Award for the Horniest Country on Earth?

greece flag

In a survey conducted by Ask Men, there was a list of the horniest countries in the world.

Greece was the horniest of them all.

The warm weather and the tons of beaches are perfect ingredients to make a country horny.

Greece is followed by Brazil, and then Russia.

In a different study, Nigeria was indicated as the most satisfied country.

5. There are Some States Where It is Illegal to Have Sex Toys

illegal sex toys

Apparently, there are states in the U.S. where sex toys are still banned.

This means if you want to make the bedroom session more interesting for her by purchasing a sex toy in Mississippi, it’s advisable to just go to another state to buy one.

6. There Are More Nerve Endings in the Clitoris Than the Entire Penis

The penis might be larger, but it cannot beat the clitoris in a nerve amount competition.

With 8,000 nerve fibers, this explains why the clitoris is all that sensitive.

The next time you are making love to her, you might want to pay attention to this nerve-filled part of her body.

This throws us back to the 75 percent of women who do not orgasm through penetration only.

A simple touch of this part will greatly help in taking her there.

7. A Weird Fun Fact About Sex – 70 Percent of Men in Relationships Have Orgasms While Only 29 Percent of Women Do

orgasms in sex

It could be the women fake it, it could be the men in those relationships do not care or do not know, but this is one of the weirdest facts about sex.

Since you are the man and having an orgasm is actually the reason you are probably having sex, why not make sure you increase the percentage of the women by giving her the big O?

Penetration might not do it alone, as you have seen and you might need some extra work.

8. The Number of Wet Dreams You Have Will Increase with Years Spent in Formal Education

wet dream and education

For some weird reason, the more you spend time in formal education, including university, the more likely you will have more wet dreams.

This is an interesting fun fact and it is surprisingly strange.

9. Men Can Have Multiple Ejaculations, Too

multiple ejaculation for man

This might come as a surprise to many but it is possible.

There are different techniques to do it and a lot of information online about this topic.

Instead of surprising her with the information, you can do it practically and leave her in awe.

10. The Longest Kiss Lasted More Than a Day

couple kissing

In addition to the fun facts about sex, there are also fun facts about kissing.

A fact about kissing is that in the year 2005, there was a new record entered, and it was all about kissing.

A couple broke the existing longest kiss record through their exhausting long kiss that lasted 31 hours, 30 minutes and 30 seconds.

Talk about tired lips and a lot of saliva exchange.

11. Ancient Egyptians Used a Gross Method for Contraception

Ancient Egyptians contraception

The ancient Egyptians, for some reason, used crocodile dung as a contraceptive.

Apparently, crocodile dung has some spermicide properties.

You will probably get a headache trying to think how they found out about these properties, but we have seen more weird things, right?

12. There are Approximately 100 Million Sexual Acts Each Day


As you go to work, rest or go out on a specific day, there are 100 million sexual acts happening every day.

If we assume that these acts are done by two people, it means that about 200 million people are having sex or taking part in sexual acts every day.

Of course, there are people masturbating, so this means the number might be less.

A fun fact about sexting is that at least 60 percent adults and teenagers admit having exchanged nudes and sexual material over the mobile phones or emails.

13. Sex Gives Women Shinier Skin and Hair

sex gives shinier skin hair

When a woman has sex, their hair and their skin will glow, based on all the estrogen their body will produce.

Yes, you can tell a woman is getting some if you look close enough paying attention to the hair and the skin.

When she says she needs skin and hair products, you can just take her to bed but it will probably not have the fast results she wants.

14. A Sperm Carries DNA Information up to 37.5 MB

sperm dna

If one single cell carries as much as 37.5 MB it means that when you ejaculate, you are transferring about 15,875 GB of data.

To give you a clear picture, you will be ejaculating about 62 MacBook pros capacity all at once.

This is quite a lot of data considering you can ejaculate multiple times.

15. In Just Two Weeks, You Can Impregnate Every Woman on the Planet

sperm Impregnate egg

The amount of sperm a man produces in two weeks can impregnate all the fertile women on the face of the earth.

That could create quite the population explosion.

16. A Sperm Can Live for Five Days in a Woman

sperm cell

This means a lot of things but the most important is that you can possibly fertilize a woman five days after ejaculating in her.

The sperm will stay in the cervical mucus or in the upper part of the genital tract.

There are conditions in these areas that will support the life of the sperm for five days.

On the other hand, the sperm will only last a few hours outside the body.

17. Birth Control Pills Are Libido killers

Birth Control Pills

Isn’t it ironic when that one thing that could help prevent unwanted pregnancy is the same thing that kills your sex drive?

Birth control pills make you enjoy sex without worrying about getting pregnant.

Unfortunately, it is one of the major culprits why your girl is saying no to sex, assuming your girl is taking oral contraception.

Any hormonal contraception can affect a woman’s mood in bed and overall psychological state in a negative way.

To address this, ask for alternative pills to what she is currently taking.

If you trust condoms so much, then ditch the pill and use a condom instead.

It is effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and, it is cheaper too.

18. The Internet is a Sex Jungle

internet sex porn

Surprisingly, more than 50 percent of the time spent on the internet is related to sex.

This includes pornography, sex toys and sex topics like what we are discussing here.

Who ever thought the internet is used for sex-related elements more than other topics?

19. It is Difficult to Pee After Sex

difficult to pee

If you have ever tried peeing immediately after having sex, then you know how much of a difficult affair it can be.

The body will release a hormone, antidiuretic hormone, which prevents the urination after having sex.

It is a good idea to pee after having sex because it will reduce the chances of contracting urinary tract infections.

20. Some Women Can Orgasm from Breast Stimulation Alone

orgasm breast stimulation

There are a few lucky women that can orgasm from breast stimulation only.

To be exact, only one in 100 women can do this.

In addition to this, her breast will grow 25 percent bigger when they are aroused.

This means that you can help her avoid implants if you just pay enough attention to her breasts when you are getting your freak on.

21. Old People Still Have Lots of Sex

old couple sex life

A good number of people over 70 still have sex with their partners.

This is as long as they are healthy.

If you have probably thought about your old age and sex, you might still be able to get some good loving, regardless of your age.

This is another reason to take care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle while you are still young.

22. Sex Might be a Great Way to Exercise

sex is exercise

Sexercising might be a term coined in recent times but it is real.

You will lose calories making love.

This means you can enjoy and still be in a small gym in your bedroom.

According to studies, you can lose up to 200 calories in every love making session.

Women will lose about 69 calories most probably because they will not be doing as much as you will.

Instead of hitting the gym more often, you can maintain a great body by having more sex.

Think of other benefits such as giving your woman a glowing skin and shiny hair.

23. There Are Orgasms That Are Not Good

can't feel orgasm

Okay, you’re probably thinking this one’s ridiculous.

What kind of orgasm is not pleasurable?

Well, there’s this condition called sexual anhedonia where a man may have all the visible symptoms of an orgasm – the ejaculation, muscle spasms and a shoot of endorphins – but is totally unable to feel the pleasure of orgasm.

Although this is a fairly rare condition, this can happen to those with depression problems or men taking anti-depressants.

24. Men Under 40 Can Get It Up in 10 seconds

erection under 10 seconds

This is good news, especially if you are going for a quickie.

There are many men who have reported getting an erection in less than 10 seconds.

If you do it in over 10 seconds regardless of the situation, you might actually need to see a medical practitioner, because you might be dealing with a problem that needs attention.

25. Your Ejaculation Travels an Exciting 28 Miles Per Hour


If you just sit and think that you cannot compete in any competition, just keep in mind that your ejaculation can beat the fastest man on earth in a 100-meter dash.

Of course, you will not go all the 100 meters, but it will be faster than 22.9 miles per hour.

If this was a heavier bigger object, it would probably break her bones.

Luckily it is just sperm and the worst it can do is knock her up, and this is not a bad thing in many situations.

26. If You Have Sex Once Every Day, You are in the Lucky Five Percent

daily sex

Surveys show that only five percent of the population has sex once every day.

Around 20 percent of the population has sex between three and four times in a week.

The rest of the population is unknown and as a man, no one wants to be in the unknown.

27. The Voice of Women Gets Sexier When Horny

moaning voice

This is among the fun facts about sex that men should know: Women can change their voices to sexy in the bedroom.

This means that their voices can make you hard.

The funny part is that most women use their voice when they need something like a favor or money.

The next time you think a woman’s voice is exceptionally sexy, she could be manipulating you or interested in some steamy sessions.

28. Masturbation May Help with Depression

happy relaxed man

Are you feeling depressed?

Masturbation has been shown in studies to reduce depression.

Masturbating will release endorphins that will work towards helping you relax and feel comfortable in your own body.

The studies also show that masturbation will help in the release of chemicals that will make you feel happy.

There are many other beneficial and interesting facts about masturbation that you should probably check out.

There are men who have stated that they think clearly after masturbating and this could be true.

29. Getting Aroused Lets Your Guard Down

aroused lets guard down

When you are aroused, you let your guard down.

This means that you might not be turned off or grossed out by things that do when you are not horny.

You will probably pay less attention to things around you and not listen to things that are said to you if they do not concern you having sex.

This explains why she can manipulate you into agreeing to go to her annoying friend’s party when you are turned on.

30. Vibrators Were Initially Invented to Cure Hysteria


In the 19th century, the vibrator was invented to cure a disease that was believed to affect women, hysteria.

They were supposed to reduce the crazy inexplicable ways.

Regardless of what the vibrator was invented and used for, women in the 21st century are sending their sincere thanks because they have found a great use for this ‘medical’ device.

31. Lower Cholesterol is Actually Good in the Bedroom

egg cholesterol

Studies indicate that having lower cholesterol will give you the ability to perform better in the bedroom.

If you have been suffering from poor performance, you might want to get your blood flowing right by lowering cholesterol.

There are many ways you can reduce cholesterol right from the working out to changing your eating habits.

32. Your Left Testicle Hangs Lower

Left Testicle Hangs Lower

If you look at your testicles, you will realize that the left testicle is hanging lower.

There might be a lot of different explanations.

Experts say it is because the testicles are served by different veins and arteries and the difference is a cooling feature.

Others say it is a handedness thing because right handed people have lower hanging left testicles and the other way round.

This is among the fun facts about the human body.

33. Fat Men Boast of Increased Sex Endurance

fat man sex endurance

To be clear, weight is not a good thing especially if it is unhealthy.

This is because it puts you in a risky position as far as other medical conditions are concerned.

But facts are facts.

Studies have indicated that heavier men can last longer than thinner men.

The study indicated that heavier men lasted an average of, get this, 7.3 minutes.

This is in comparison to the thinner men who lasted an average of 1 minute 48 seconds.

34. Men Have Less Sex When They Do More Household Chores

household chores

No matter how sexy or great working on household chores looks, if you do more than a traditional man should, you will not get as much sex as you might be thinking.

This is because men who only work on the traditional man chores are attractive to women and probably get more sex for being manly.

The next time you think about doing the dishes in exchange for sex, ditch that idea and instead repair the sink, upgrade the cabinets, take out the trash or mow the lawn.

35. Sex Increases Your Pain Tolerance Level

sex increases pain tolerance

There is a reason why Christian Grey loves whips and cuffs.

It turns out that there is a fine line between pain and pleasure especially on matters between the sheets.

Based on a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, your tolerance for pain goes up significantly during your arousal stage.

The threshold is even higher during orgasm since the big O is notorious for releasing hormones that are known to block pain.

This explains why during sex, your girl is even screaming for pleasure every time you spank her or pull her hair, with her consent, of course.

There is a thin line and your brain can no longer process well if your body is feeling pain or pleasure.

This only shows that sex is a powerful thing that even your brain cannot handle.

36. The Brits Used Semen As An Invisible Ink

british invisible ink semen

At least during the first World War.

During that time, members of James Bond and company, also known as the British Secret Intelligence Service or MI6, found out that semen could be used as an invisible ink.

It turns out that those man juices do not react to iodine vapor, the main method used to detect invisible ink.

More importantly, semen is readily available.

The MI6 guys can just have sex in the loo and after jerking off, voila, the invisible ink.

This went on for a while, which made the dudes happy and eager to go to work.

Later on, the British realized that there is a certain smell after a few days.

Apparently, it takes days, weeks or even months before someone receives letters or messages halfway across the globe.

It did work but they decided to stick to other, uh, cleaner and more hygienic methods to send classified information.

Good thing there’s now the Internet, don’t you think?

37. Women Have Three Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones woman

Another fact: women are more sensitive than men, even in bed.

Aside from being emotional, women are easily turned on by strokes and light touches, starting from her head down to her toe.

Hence, new research shows that women have three erotic zones – the G spot, clitoris and opening of the cervix.

Some ladies argue that nipples should belong in the list.

Aside from this, there are a lot of nerve endings distributed differently in a woman’s vagina.

This means despite the presence of erogenous zones, every woman is different down there.

There are some common grounds in women.

However, you need to employ different techniques and strategies down there for every woman, since what turns her on might not be the same case with other girls.

38. A Man Produces A Crazy Amount Of Sperm

lots of sperms

Here’s the truth: even a guy in his 60’s can still get an 18-year old pregnant.

Even if you are experiencing andropause, or male menopause as what others call it, you can still knock someone up.

That means bun in the oven, okay?

This is because men produce mind-boggling amounts of sperm and you are capable of producing enough sperm count for two weeks and get a fertile women pregnant.

Maybe it’s time for those good-looking men such as Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans to spread those genes, don’t you think?

Don’t worry.

That includes you, as well.

39. People Spend Lots Of Money On Sex On The Internet

spend money on internet

Let’s face it – sex sells.

It’s no wonder that there are tons of porn sites, sex toys and products suggesting sex proliferating in the World Wide Web.

Admit it.

You spend a good amount of money on Playboy and FHM magazines and at times, you are willing to spend a dollar just to get access to Paris Hilton’s sex video, before it was released on video, of course.

Sex is a big business.

A 2005 study published in Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity shows that more than half of the people are spending money on anything related to sex, whether it is access to a porn site, buying sex toys online or even a casual fling.

Apparently, this concerns both men and women.

It turns out that women are sex addicts too, they are just afraid to let it all out because of fear that someone will judge them for their preferences.

40. Sperm Contains Calories

weight loss waistline calories

Weight is a major problem affecting America today.

If you noticed, many Americans have increasing waistlines and are experiencing health issues associated with their weight.

Because of this alarming scene, experts are calling for healthy living and lifestyle changes.

Hence, the birth of tons of diet programs and workout routines that promises to help people lose weight.

There is no problem with that, since you want your girl to be as healthy as possible, right?

However, if you always ask her to swallow your, you know, then this could be problematic.

Apparently, a teaspoon of semen contains five calories – an amount that could spell something different for the ladies.

Even if it is a matter of personal preference, you have to inform your girl about the added calories in case she decides to swallow.

This could ruin her figure.

41. Chairs And Women Have A Special Relationship

sitting on chair turns on woman

Did you know that sitting in chair could turn on a woman?

The pudendal nerves found underneath the butt and sitting bones feed the arousal tissues in a woman’s vagina, anus, clitoris and other erogenous zones.

When she sits, the pudendal nerves are activated that could lead to sexual arousal.

However, the case is different if a woman sits down on a chair all day.

Although there is enough pressure on the nerves, too much sitting can shorten the psoas and pelvic floor muscles, which are essential in body orgasm.

This could affect your ladylove’s ability to achieve a great orgasm no matter how much time you spent giving her an oral.

42. Take Note Of Your Condom

bring own condom

Having a condom on hand is a must since you will never know when you need it.

However, all good things come to an end and keeping a condom inside your wallet for quite some time is not a good idea.

After all, the average shelf life of a latex condom is two years.

Anything more than that deserves a trip to the trash bin.

It’s okay if your partner brings her own stash.

The problem with this is that you don’t know how long it has been sitting in her bag.

Condoms stored in wallets for more than a month are more likely to break than those that you got straight from the box.

Better be safe than sorry, guys.

43. Orgasm And Ejaculation Are Two Different Things For Men

For men, orgasm is the spasm of your nerves triggered by your brain and that is where all the pleasure comes from.

Ejaculation is the process of secreting semen, or as men commonly call as their juice.

Although the two go together most of the time, they are not exactly related to each other.

That simply means one can go without the other.

Yes, it’s possible and it happens.

Some men experience dry orgasms, a type of orgasm where only the pleasure is felt due to the spasm of the nerves.

There are also men who ejaculate semen, but are totally unable to feel pleasure.

There is nothing to worry about, because this is a rare case, but it still happens to some men, so consider yourself lucky.

44. Orgasm Will Get You Really High

brain activity and orgasm

Studies have been conducted that scan the brain activity during climax.

The results are astonishing.

It turns out that the neurotransmitters in the brain go on hyper-drive during orgasm, but that is not what has kept researchers interested.

They made a comparison and found out that the amount of brain activity during climax is the same as when heroin is injected into a person.

Heroin use is illegal, but for research’s sake, they were able to find out that the feeling of an orgasm equates to a person getting high on drugs.

45. You Can Knock Up A Woman Even If You Do Not Orgasm

pregnant without orgasm

Here’s a tip for those who do not want to be dads yet: be extra careful.

In the early stages of sex – like foreplay or even the first few seconds – men secrete a fluid called as pre-ejaculation.

This fluid is responsible for lubricating yourself or an additional lubrication for your women.

Studies have shown that this fluid may already contain sperm.

Actually, it can have as much as 35 million of your fancy little swimmers.

It takes one sperm out of those 35 million to penetrate your woman’s awaiting egg cell to spring up your very own little version of you.

Imagine the odds.

If you don’t want to be a daddy yet, don’t forget the rubber.

46. Men Also Have G-spots

develop prostate problems

Men are sometimes too busy looking for their woman’s G-spot that they forget to look for theirs, but men have G-spots, too.

In fact, they have three of these climax stimulators as compared to women who only have one.

That’s a 3-point advantage to getting the most pleasure from your sexual escapades.

In case you want to know, these three areas are: one, the perineum – this is the area between where the scrotum ends and the anus begins.

That little area, when stimulated, can give you extra pleasure.

The second one is the frenulum.

This is the stretchy skin on the area near the head.

The last one is at the prostate gland.

47. Some Men Fake Orgasms, Too

Fake Orgasms

This may be bad news for the ladies, but let’s back it up a little bit.

Remember the thing about men ejaculating without feeling pleasure and the difference between ejaculation and orgasm?

This is where it escalates.

Because if men do not feel the pleasure but has already ejaculated, you would not want to freak out your lady and say you didn’t feel anything, right?

Faking an orgasm is not for the ladies only.

Although, again, this is a very rare case for men, still it happens.

48. You Can Have An Orgasm Every 3 Minutes

If you’re the average guy, you know you won’t be able to do a round after round after round of sex without a rest in between.

That’s just exhausting to think about, and quite possibly deadly.

But did you know that you have the capacity to have an orgasm once every three minutes?

That’s right.

Take away the tiredness of your body or your hands; take away all the actions that you need to do in order to fire away.

If you take all of that out into consideration, you can have an orgasm every three minutes.


49. Your Weight Affects How Much You Ejaculate

weight affects sperm

Okay, it’s time you take a look at your weight to see if you are a healthy weight, or just a little over the normal.

Apparently, your weight affects your output.

Studies have been conducted and showed that the normal amount of sperm ejaculation during climax is at least 3.5 milliliters.

Men who are overweight produce just an average of 2 milliliters.

See the difference?

Although it has not been confirmed if the amount of body fat directly affects the sperm production, but it is believed that the heat emanating from the extra fat may be conducting a killing spree of your juice.

50. Your Semen Is Filled With Vitamins And Minerals

semen has vitamins minerals

Your semen is not just simply sperm used to reproduce.

Apparently, your little swimmers also boast of something far more.

They are loaded with vitamins and minerals that can be a healthy addition to someone’s meal.

Your semen has sodium, protein, fructose, zinc, calcium and potassium.

It’s a multivitamin supplement that you can share.

Bravo for that.

51. Men’s Orgasms Are Shorter Than Women’s

man orgasms shorter

This is probably the only unfair thing in the evolution of species.

While men’s orgasms are always guaranteed when they have sex, men have shorter ones as compared to women. 

A man’s average length of orgasm can run for about 5 to 15 seconds.

A woman, on the other hand, can run to a minimum of 20 seconds up to a minute.

Now you have an idea of some of the interesting fun facts about sex that will lighten the mood in your bedroom.

To enhance your sex drive in the bedroom, read the next section…

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